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The 266th MCT conducting great training. Lifeline 299 BSB, 1ID CPP crews conducting Tables II and III of sustainment convoy protection platform gunnery. The 258th MCT conducting convoy simulator - reacting to IED/VBIED and actions on contact training. To kick off the 2018 New Year, 841st, along with Cooper/Ports America, ASLAC, and KBR Wyle conducted an APS3 PREPO load. SPC Whitfield of the 99th Movement Control Team Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania, prepares container for line haul movement. 571st Movement Control Team completes SOF customs request to continue Movement Control Operations in the Baltic States.
PFC  Farrington of 571st Movement Control Team discusses route clearances within AO North during Movement Control Operations in the Baltic States. The Surface Warriors of the 652nd ETOE, 840th Transportation Battalion ensures equipment is unloaded and loaded safely and securely in order to deliver readiness to its final location! The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade 'Air Cav' Soldiers and helicopters have arrived to take the role as U.S. Army 'First in support' Europe's force supporting Atlantic Resolve. On Saturday Maj. Gen. Palzer and Brig. Gen. Fink visited with the 4th ESC Soldiers that supported local authorities with Hurricane Harvey rescue and resupply operations. In 2008, the 956th Transportation Company, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, completed it's last 'load-out', by deploying the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Army Reserve Soldiers from the 557th Movement Control Team, a subordinate unit to the 451st ESC, completed a Combat Support Training Exercise at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Soldiers from Fort Eustis' 832 Transportation Battalion wrap up their JTF-PO mission in San Diego, California and will be returning home soon to Virginia. The 842ND Transportation BATTALION, 597th Trans BDE, SDDC Upload as Hurricane Harvey hits Gulf Coast. SDDC Commanding General MG Ryan had dinner with some members of 595th Transportation Brigade (SDDC). Five Soldiers were given commander's coins for their performance.

The Transportation Corps is a Force Sustainment branch of the U.S. Army headquartered at Fort Lee, Virginia, and is responsible for the movement of personnel and matériel by truck, rail, air, and sea. The Transportation Corps provides a full spectrum of transportation capabilities at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war.

The Transportation School trains Soldiers to operate and maintain Army tactical trucks, material handling equipment and watercraft. The school trains Transportation Operations, Traffic Management, Convoy Operations, Cargo Transfer, Cargo Documentation, Movement Control, Operation of Heavy Material Handling Equipment, Sailing and Maintenance of Army Vessels, and Unloading Aircraft, Ships, Railcars and Trucks.

Deployer's Corner Newsletter

Deployer's Newsletter

July - Sept 2018

Greetings! I am humbled and honored to be your 30th Chief of Transportation and Commandant, U.S. Army Transportation School. It is exciting to embark on this new adventure and to see the impressive work that every Transportation Corps Soldier, Leader, and Civilian does every day to maintain the readiness of our Army, to support the greater sustaianment enterprise and to ensure that units are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. We have tackled some increadible challenges re-learning critical deployment skills. That work will continue as we strive to inculcate a culture of realistic training that starts with no-notice deployments and synchronized movement control.

-From the Desk of the Chief of Transportation.

Command Deployment Discipline Program Handbook (CAC required)

Command Deployment Descipline Program - Handbook

The Center for Army Lessons Learned has published CALL Handbook 15-01: Command Deployment Discipline Program. It is a tool for commanders to enhance unit deployment readiness. It is a combination of doctrinal and regulatory tasks that address Army standards, fundamentally focused on equipment movement and associated tasks from division to company level, to include installation tasks. The handbook can only be accessed online digitally via Common Access Card at present. This page will be updated when hard copies are available.

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