88P Railroad Equipment Repairer (USAR Only)


The railroad equipment repairer (RER) supervises or performs unit and direct support/general support (DS/GS) maintenance on diesel-electric locomotives and railway cars. Uses technical blueprints and sketches. Inspects locomotives for malfunctions. Repairs cooling systems, fuel systems, exhausts, airbrake components, lube oil systems, electrical systems, and diesel engine components on locomotives. Inspect, tests and services locomotive batteries. Inspects frame and running gear for breaks, cracks, or worn surfaces; welds, rivets, caulks, paint, and stencils as necessary. Inspects and repairs couplers. Examines and repairs truck and wheel assemblies, safety appliances, car under frames and cross bearer, and interiors of cars. Prepare written reports of any airbrake defects. The NCO supervises and provides technical guidance to subordinates performing their duties. Inspects railway cars prior and subsequent to maintenance. Performs initial terminal airbrake tests for outbound trains. Repairs draft gears. Supervises a team salvaging cars or rehabilitating captured enemy rolling stock. Enforces safety practices. The RER performs final inspections of locomotives and rolling stock. Determines shop priorities based on guidance from train movements section and resource availability. Posts and maintains equipment status reports.


ATRRS (type 88P in MOS field when page form loads)


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