88T Railway Section Repairer (USAR Only)


Railway Section Repairers are primarily responsible for performing maintenance on railway tracks, roadbeds, switches, fences and other railway facilities. Operates and maintains track motor cars. Performs repair and maintenance of track, associated rail facilities and adjoining structures. Repair roadbeds, signals, and switches. Gages tracks, properly spaces ties, and checks degree of elevation or curvature of tracks undergoing repairs. Makes repairs to fences, crossing gates, and sign posts. The NCO is the Leader of a track maintenance repair crew. Provides technical expertise to subordinates performing their duties. Consults timetables and trains dispatchers to determine train movements and employs standard signals to warn operating crews of dangers. Determines need for construction machinery and arranges for its movement to the repair site; outlines repair work and coordinates with other type repair units. Supervise clearance of obstructions and combustible materials from track and surrounding areas. Supervises the installation and repair of power supply third rails. The SFC oversees all section gangs within a rail division. Prioritizes and coordinates maintenance-of-way activities within a rail division. Coordinate materiel and equipment requirements.


ATRRS (type 88T in MOS field when page form loads)


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