88U Railway Operations Crewmember
(USAR Only)


The railway operations crewmember supervises and/or operates dieselelectric locomotives and related equipment; serves as crewmember or brakeman in makeup and movement of railway cars/trains; and dispatches trains or operates railway station, railway signals and switches and controls train movements. Interprets train orders. Executes instructions received from signal towers, switches, other trains and trainmen. Signal with fuses, torpedoes, hands, flags, lamps and engine whistles. Perform car coupling and uncoupling operations. Inspects cars at route stops; adjusts lashing and bracing to ensure safe hauling of cargo. Advises dispatcher of arrival and departure times for all passing trains; compiles records of locations of all rolling stock. Performs lubrication orders on railway cars and makes minor running repairs. Seals cars and records seal numbers. The NCO supervises and provides technical guidance to subordinates performing their duties. Operate the locomotive's controls and safety appliances. Observes, interprets, and executes instructions received from signal towers, switches, other trains and trainmen. Coordinates train movements; complies with operating timetable, rule book, and other specific instructions. Receives requisitions for empty cars and authorizes movement to locations for loading. Compiles performance and delay reports for each trip and turns in locomotive inspection reports showing equipment defects which require correction. The SFC establishes liaison with using agencies and representatives of civilian and military railroads. Supervises receipt and transmission of telephonic and telegraphed messages relating to train movements. Reviews time sheets to keep abreast of each scheduled train passing through territory. Investigates accidents and unusual operating incidents and recommends corrective action. Assists in providing staff supervision of subordinate unit railway operating activities.


ATRRS (type 88U in MOS field when page form loads)


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