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300 Washington Blvd
Besson Hall
Fort Eustis, VA  23604
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Tuesday - Sunday
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

GEN Frank Besson official photo with pipe in hand
General Frank S. Besson

The museum was memorialized in honor of General Frank S. Besson, the first transporter to reach the rank of four-star general.  Read more about General Besson.


The Regimental Room was the area of the drab, old classroom that blossomed into a spruced-up 1920’s-era Regimental Room. Features include a stone fireplace, gilt ceiling, mahogany wainscoting, a flat screen TV, and surround sound. 

The room is the new home to the Regimental Silver, and the walls are bedecked with a sampling of TC photographs, flags, guidons and display cases of unique artifacts. It still maintains the full capability of a classroom/auditorium with an overhead projection system and portable tables and chairs.

The auditorium in the museum before renovation      The Transportation Regimental Room set up for Officer Induction
   The Museum Auditorium before transformation                              The Regimental Room awaits the inductees.  Note the functioning,
                                                                                                                      hand made stone fireplace, wood floors, overhead projection, flat screen
                                                                                                                      TV and TC Memorabilia on the walls.

All Transportation Officers are inducted into the Transportation Corps here. 

The initiation begins before dawn at Fort Lee with the physical trials, dubbed the “Rights of Passage.”  Six separate stations spread over a 7.5-mile radius, testing the lieutenants’ leadership and team building skills.  

Following lunch, the officers don their dress blues and travel to Fort Eustis to complete the academic portion of the induction experience. 

                                 Starting the day with the TC CG and some light physical training as a warm up
                                 to conducting physically and mentally challenging tasks to demonstrate both
                                 leadership and TC proficiency to the final prep before the 'academic' question
                                 to earn the Transportation Regimental Crest.

At the U.S. Army Transportation Museum, students are split into three tour groups, each led by a museum staff member and a retired officer who share personal experiences with the class.

Before being welcomed into the regiment, the officers face one final hurdle: to pass before a review board of retired and active duty senior officers and answer questions based on Transportation Corps history.The set up for the induction panel in the Regimental Room

Upon answering their question correctly, each officer receives his regimental crest from Brig. Gen. Edward Dorman, TC commanding general and Command Sgt. Maj. Dwayne Perry, TC command sergeant major. They then receive a Regimental goblet of specially-blended TC punch and the entire class toasts the regiment and their new future in logistics.


                                                                                                              The stage is almost set for the induction.

In front of the Regimental Silver testing the 'punch' for potability
In front of the Regimental Silver testing the 'punch' for potability

Newly inducted Officers toast the Transportation Corps             BG Dorman reviewing TC memorabilia in the Regimental Room
Newly inducted Officers toast the Transportation Corps                            BG Dorman examines TC memorabilia

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