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Student Information

All students (AD, USAR, NG, all branches): check with ATRRS for location of class; i.e., Ft Lee, VA, Ft Eustis, VA, and/or Ft Leonard Wood, MO.

All students: check with ATRRS to determine if there is a distance learning (dl) component or phase as a pre-requisite to attending a resident course.

All Army students: be prepared for weigh-in by wearing the Improved Physical Fitness Uniform for unit in-processing and weigh-in IAW AR 600-9 at an announced time for your training unit.

All military students: Bring your initial military clothing issue to include Class A uniform and service uniform. Some classes require the wear of the Class A for a dining in/dining out.

Students must REPORT on time at 0530 and in-processing closes at 0700. Students who do not report on time may be denied enrollment into their course. Students must bring their orders to in-process. RC-TOAC students MUST have a copy of their Phase I completion certificate to successfully in-process.

Welcome Letters are posted here. Letters are for basic information only. Refer to ATRRS for course location and availability.

US Army Transportation School

USMC, Navy and Coast Guard students report with original orders to USMC Detachment Office, Bldg 839, Rm 156 at 0730 (757-878-5759) with a copy of your orders. You must have a government credit card or advance pay in order to pay your billeting bill.

Civilians: go here for reporting times, location of classes, etc.

Ft Eustis Billeting and Dining Facility

Accommodations are made through the Army Central Reservation Center (ACRC) 1-800-GO-ARMY (1-800-462-7691) or DSN 897-2790. FAX reservations to (256) 876-6870 or DSN 746-6870. The ACRC is authorized to issue a single non-availability (NA) control number to group coordinators. The NA number must be annotated on the official Travel Orders, DD 1610, block 16 REMARKS. The telephone number for General Small Inn (Ft Eustis) is (757) 878-0968/5807 or DSN 826-0968/5807. Any other arrangements will be your responsibility. If you plan to arrive after 1800 hours, contact the respective billeting office for instructions.

Soldiers TDY for AIT/Reclassification must use the dining facility. Others may use it at the discretion of the order Approving Official. Mess is available but not directed for TDY (non-student), military and civilian personnel. Government/family housing is not authorized for TDY personnel.

Ft Lee -- Billeting and Dining

Students must call the Army Lodging Success Central Reservation Center to secure lodging at 1-866-363-5771. Each student's command is responsible for the cost of lodging and meals.
88N10 students will report to Reception HHC, 23rd QM Bde, Bldg 3206 at the corner of 13th Street and A Avenue.

Uniform requirements mentioned above apply.

Soldiers flying to the area must use Richmond International Airport. When you arrive, go to the Uniformed Services Office (USO) located in baggage claim and call Groom Transportation at (804) 222-7222. Soldiers E-4 and below will complete a Groom voucher. Soldiers E-5 and above must pay the fair and claim it on their close-out travel voucher with Finance.

On-post government transportation (i.e. busses) for other than AIT students is not available. Fort Lee will provide transportation support via commercial means (taxi vouchers or bus) for air traveloers. Taxi vouchers will be used to support lodging and on-post government deductible meal requirements while stationed at the training site, as required. Reimbursement for TDY expenses (i.e., in and around travel expenses) while at the TDY location may be authorized by the order-issuing official. Travel is limited to 5 miles per day for on-post lodging and 12 miles per day for off-post lodging.

Soldiers are not required to call and make lodging reservations. Lodging assignment is the responsibility of the training site. Soldiers ordered to attend reclassification AIT at Ft Lee will report to Reception HHC 244th QM Bn (804) 734-6563 for in-processing and permanent party (barracks if available) housing assignment. All other students will report to Ft Lee lodging for billeting. Reporting early is not authorized. Soldiers are not entitled to per diem allowance or centralized funding of service support prior to the report date specified in their orders. Soldiers will be advised at levy briefs that those attending training TDY en-route to their next assignment are not authorized to report early. TDY orders will not be amended for the personal convenience of the Soldier (i.e. Soldier decides not to use all authorized leave and reports to the TDY site before the report date).
The sending organizations will ensure that Soldiers have a confirmed 'R' reservation in ATRRS before commiting funding for travel.

Those in a 'W' reservation status do not have a confirmed traiing seat and may not commence travel unless the ATRRS 'W' converts to an 'R'.

Travel Managers at all levels must monitor ATRRS to ensure if appropriate, confirmed reservations not utilized are cancelled. This allows those with a 'W' to convert to an 'R'.

The Transportation School at Ft Lee is located at 711B Avenue (Bldg 2300), Ft Lee, VA 23801-1798.
The Army Logistics University at Ft Lee is located at Bldg 14200.

Ft Leonard Wood, MO

Review the web page here. At this page, you can request a welcome packet and find contact phone numbers.

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